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CERATEC to improve the performance of your vehicle

CERATEC to improve the performance of your vehicle

Ceratec is an excellent high-tech additive ideal to protect your vehicle from wear and tear.

High-tech ceramic wear protection. Reduces friction and wear through ceramic compounds offering high chemical and thermal resistance. Prevents direct metal-to-metal contact, thus increasing the assembly service life. Reduces fuel consumption in gasoline and diesel engines thanks to the low-friction effect. Miscible with all commercially available motor oils and motor vehicle gear oils.

This German additive provides optimal care for all types of motor oils, with its components based on a solid microceramic lubricant and active chemical substances , they protect your vehicle's engine from wear and tear.

How it works and what is its effect

The Ceratec is added directly to the motor oil and this is mixed automatically. Once incorporated, the chemical components begin to take effect, smoothing rough surfaces using ceramic particles that fill in irregularities, thus reducing wear and internal friction.

In addition, its anti-friction and anti-wear function is possible thanks to its ceramic components that withstand extremely high chemical and thermal loads.

With Ceratec you will avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your engine as well as save energy. With the anti-friction effect, you will reduce fuel consumption and increase the smoothness of the ride, which will improve the performance of your vehicle , regardless of whether the engine is gasoline or diesel.

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