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What is a total station and how it works?

What is a total station and how it works?

What is a total station and how it works?

A total station is a theodolite with an integrated distance meter that can measure angles and distances simultaneously.

  • What is the difference between theodolite and total station?

Theodolites measure horizontal and vertical angles only. Sometimes they are called tachymeters because we can calculate distances using geometric - trigonometric calculations by angular measurement through a graduated sight. A theodolite can be mechanical or electronic. A total station can measure angles and distances electronically and process trigonometrically to give us, at a minimum, position coordinates in space.

Nowadays, all electronic total stations have an electronic optical distance meter (EDM) and an electronic angle meter, so that the bar codes of the horizontal and vertical circle scales can be read, displaying the angles and distances values digitally. The horizontal distance, height difference and bearings are calculated automatically.

Used Leica Geosystems total stations are conceived for the purpose of determining the position and height of a point, or simply its position.

What Is a Total Station?

A total station is an optical instrument commonly used in construction, surveying and civil engineering. It is useful for measuring horizontal angles, vertical angles and distance — it does this by analyzing the slope between itself and a specific point.

A high-quality total station camera combines surveying, imaging and high-speed 3D scanning into one precise and reliable instrument. It blends the latest field technologies with advanced technical features to create a tool that is trusty and dependable in demanding field situations while producing accurate results for analysis and engineering.

Total stations often contain a few different components:

  • Electronic transit theodolite
  • Electronic distance meter (EDM)
  • Microprocessor
  • Electronic data collector and storage system