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Pidilite WD 40, 500 ml Multipurpose Smart Straw Spray Pidilite WD 40, 500 ml Multipurpose Smart Straw Spray
Pidilite WD 40, 500 ml Multipurpose Smart Straw Spray
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Pidilite WD 40, 500 ml Multipurpose Smart Straw Spray, for Auto Maintenance, Home Improvement, Loosens Stuck & Rust Parts, Removes Sticky Residue, Descaling, Protectant & Cleaning Agent for Multi Use

Multipurpose Use - The WD 40 can be used for home improvement and automotive purposes and is an all in 1 spray as it acts as a rust remover, stain remover, lubricant and much more with countless utilities.

Multi-Surface Applicability - This multi-purpose spray can be used on multiple surfaces like metal, iron, chrome, wood, aluminium and more with ease either at home, office, on vehicles or any other commercial purpose.

Great for lubrication - The WD-40 spray is an excellent choice to ensure lubrication of drawer channels, door hinges, sewing machine, and cycle chains among other uses. Its unique formula ensures no external damage befalls these surfaces.

Great for degreasing - The WD-40 is also an effective degreasing agent that can be used to effectively remove grime, grease, and other smudges from a variety of surfaces. These can include surfaces like wooden tables, countertops and even the metallic surfaces of cars and bikes.

Cleaning agent - The spray can also be used as an active cleaning agent that removes stains and other dirt, sticky and dust particles with ease. It can also be used on automobile parts as it can clean spark plugs and rusting showpieces among others. ening tools and equipment, spark plugs, bike frames, door locks and hinges, power tools, engines, exhausts

No more Fixing-Re-Fixing the straw - Smarter way to visit those hard to reach places with easy switch between Straw & No-Straw

Remove Rust from the Car Battery Terminals

Now one stop solution to clean & protect your car battery terminals from rust, corrosion & dirt. Restore their old glory with WD-40.

Cleans & Protects the Moving Parts of the Cycle- Chain

Don't let a stuck cycle chain stop you from exploring and staying fit! WD-40 would remove rust, grime & mud deposit with just few sprays. Start exploring with WD-40.

Lubricates the Moving Parts of the Cycle- Gear and Chain Assembly

WD-40’s lubricating properties are world-renowned; our secret ingredients are widely dispersed upon application, providing smooth and easy lubrication for moving parts and mechanisms.

Removes Grease, Oil and Rust from Motorcycle Engine

WD-40 cleans, getting under grease, grime, dirt and oil deposits for an easy, wipe clean finish. It’s great at dissolving adhesives too, helping to cleanly remove tape, labels, stickers and excess bonding materials and oil & rust from motorcycle engine.

A Dirty Kitchen Chimney?

Cleaning chimneys can be a tedious task. Now remove dirt, grime & grease from chimney surface easily-like an expert, with WD-40. (Turn of stoves before using WD-40. Clean WD-40 before switching on chimney/stove.)

Stuck Key hole?

Key getting stuck in the keyhole Don't worry we've got the lock covered. Smoothen your key-hole movement and repel further moisture & rust deposit in it with a spray of WD-40.

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